Friday, August 07, 2015

Trumping Oil

I am hot! I am so hot!! Check me out, I am hot!

You bet, you indeed are the hottest. For billions of years the sun has been burning bright and sustaining life on earth. But machines were less fortunate until late, as they could not enjoy a sun-bath.  In stead, they devoured on organic agents of sun viz wood, coal or hydro-carbons and farted smoky CO2. In bid to humanize machines, man has now electrified them and for icing over the cake, this electricity is being generated using solar energy.

The day is not far when sun will totally eclipse the conventional sources of energy. Seeking solace in this fact and sensing the sinister rise of Russia in Europe (and Republicans in USA), the USA government lifted the economic sanctions on Iran bringing the prices of oil tumbling down. Republicans cried foul, as they have deep rooted interest in Oil and Oil fields. President Obama has made it clear in his speech that he considered Russia as a bigger threat to USA than Iran (...and Republicans to the Democrats!!). To contain Russia, getting hard to handle Saudis and rising Republicans, Pres. Obama has played his trump card by lifting sanctions over Iran and thus flooding the oil market with Persian barrels.

There will be little respite for oil prices till next presidential elections in US in Nov, 2016, when the Republican will finally be able to play their Trump card.

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