Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crude on tripod

Many financial gurus, institutions and funds, after booking huge profits on crude oil a month back, thought there was no more oil left in crude. But they had grossly underestimated the world's increasing appetite for energy and King oil's role in it.

World's one third population has just woken up and is trying to catch up with the king-size lifestyle of west. The mob has now joined hands with few blessed ones in squandering world energy resources in order to develop class and culture. The mob is still far behind on per capita energy consumption of noble few. They would need a lot more oil to bridge the gap than the earth has in store. Thirst is so intense that within no time wells around the world would be sucked dry. (40-50 years is less than a second when you talk of 4.5 billion year old earth history.)

However, there is ample amount of organic material on earth to meet man's energy needs, but then we all run into the risk of suffocating and drowning ourselves. Global warming as they call it.

Clean alternative sources do not give much hope as of today. Wind and sun are great sources of energy, but they are dependent on whims and fancies of their own. To tame, you have to store and storage of energy is still not a user friendly or cost effective proposition.

Personally, I am not in favour of Biofuels. They are not the long term solution to oil. Over a period of time, they would do more harm than good to mankind.

Oil of the story is, "There is no substitute to Oil." Last ray of hope for mankind seems to be dipping in this moment of crowning glory for Oil. We maintain, man would not only have to change his reproductive, consumer and cultural behaviour but also transit into a new age, where a lot of today would be outdated.

Only if man were to retreat to the Garden of Eden with all his innocence...

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