Friday, May 01, 2009

Oil to see 200 in next run

The fault in the financial circuit resulted in heavy current being generated on the board, which burnt half the circuit but not before inducing the third world coil.

This highly charged new world is showing no signs of retreat. Demand side is alarmingly bigger than the supply on account of growing number of users. The current ebb will only result in opportunists, who joined during the last flood, or guys, who thought they were in the middle of a ocean, to wreck and be destroyed. At the same time it will undo many a dams, causing many to drown during the next flood.

It is good that population in developed world is learning to save and conserve, but a big multiple of that number is learning to waste and squander in the developing world. Fugitive world resources may just be a bark away from the hounds of the third world chasing them. And if they don't muster all their strength to flee the coming onslaught, they will get into the jaws.

But the predator is destined to become the prey in this case.

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