Wednesday, December 23, 2009

@ 75 eyeing century

A revitalized dollar forces gold to make a hasty retreat. And at the same time a flurry of snow in the upper Northern hemisphere heats up the crude prices in spite of a stronger dollar. Weather forecasters, no worse than the market forecasters, are now predicting an extended spell of cold in northern hemisphere. Things are looking good for oil to test usd100 level soon. Goldman Sachs and likes may find a safe haven for their funds in crude as they beat it from gold for now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

COP15 - No Show

As expected, the events at Copenhagen have taken an ugly turn. In this moment of crisis management, 'Not me please!' is all that can be heard from Copenhagen. Once again, meeting of the rats will end up in 'no show' for the want of 'who 'll bell the cat?" Nationalist and regional interests are on burner, while the core issue of global warming is rotting in a corner. Everybody is trying to pass the diet chart to else.

8%, 9%, 10% economic growth sounds good but life is not economics. The mad rush on the polluted road of greedy development, littered with waste and garbage, will lead the mankind to a dead-end and a point of no return. A narrow look, with blinds of self interest on, will put the whole planet in peril. Change is the need of the hour. We need to change the way we live and think. It is the time when everybody should come forward and offer maximum contribution to the common cause.

I think the onus lies on countries with large population. Because these countries would be the biggest sinners in the years to come. When crucified, Jesus tendered the biggest sacrifice in the interest of the humanity. India and China should come forward and denounce crazy consumerism of west and move to the path of simplicity sans greed. Poverty, if they call it, is beautiful. I am sure, a day would come, when these countries will pioneer a paradigm shift to save the world.


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