Friday, November 30, 2007

Google - Powered by sun, sail or her

In the quest for high, higher and highest, use of conventional energy sources has perilously heated up geosphere and released the fire alarm. Google, the net dandy, is out fighting fire.

To tame the wild world wide web (wwww) Google has an army of super computers, which consume tons of energy coming from conventional power pack sources. Google has woken up to the call of nature and taken up initiative to invest in alternative energy thus joining cool league of super corps like Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Intel Corp.

Bubbling with cash, Google will lend a fair share of its earnings to develop clean renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun. Fetching quantas of energy from these wild and scattered natural resources will not be any simpler than fetching those desired pages outta WWWW.

Alternate solution could be, computers moving a step closer to men and some hot wild babes baring to power 'Go ogle'.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oil's Giddy at sight of 100

Going by the financial buzz, Oil the Jack, is not feeling well and secure at close to usd100 and may tumble down any moment. Many investors have taken fresh positions in oil refineries after cutting short their long positions in Crude during the last few days because they think the main beneficiary of this slide would be the downstream companies. During this week many of the indian oil refining equities have registered a huge inflow of funds.

Goldman suchs had already issued 'fatwah' on crude prices end October. We gather following reasons/ indications for their 30-40% recall order.

- Ethanol blending coupled with changing consumer behaviour is putting downward pressure on oil demand also prompting EIA to cut its prediction for fourth-quarter demand growth by 570,000 barrels a day and by 180,000 bpd more for the first quarter.

- Crude heading north (up 50% since May, 2007) while products moving south (abt 10% during the same period) - indication of a bubble.

- Tanker market's plight in the peak trading season.

- November fixture list is cutting a sorry figure at our Indian Crude update, which may well cut into December, if Oil the Jack stays firm at current height.

Suchs, crude at current levels sucks, no doubt. But we guess, volatility is there to stay for sometime. Jack is still not in for a mute submission.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Crude Oil - A shot away from maiden century

Present plight of tanker market does suggest that the oil prices wear a large speculative cap. But, as two major global threats, viz. the peak oil and the global warming, are looming large over the horizon, high oil prices seem to offer a single solution to both.

Certainly, when it comes to survival, oil, air and water are dearer to mankind than any yellow metal or object of desire. Only a persistent high in these resources can prompt mankind to treat them with care and respect in order to thwart a Mel Gibson apocalypse.

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