Thursday, April 12, 2007

Runaway Train

As environmentalists swear on global warming and oil experts blow peak oil whistle, president Bush is betting future on vegetables and Iranian president Ahmadinejad is chasing his radioactive dream on a runaway train. His obsession of spinning(centrifuge) uranium on a train without brakes, is not amusing the world, though he claims its gonna be just electric.

Long suppression of energy prices in favour of economy resulted in its copious and wasteful use. But now, waxing demand and waning supply has triggered a mutiny in energy prices. War is on but world energy policy is directionless.

Today we have reached a point where we have to chose between life and the life style. We can't afford to ride a train without brakes. Its time to brake and change track. I still fully endorse to Mr. Ron Brenneman's view, "Our view is that for this to basically self-correct is more likely to come on the demand side. That is not something that we can see occurring overnight. I suspect that is off in the future somewhere, by the time prices have an impact on consumer behavior and buying patterns and energy consumption."

Live and let live. Man would need to learn to respect life and limits it is bound to, and not just be driven by greed and ego on a runaway train...

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