Thursday, January 28, 2010

Donkey in Davos

Would tiger be out of the woods this year? They all have collected to find the answer while Tiger is languishing in a sex rehab.

The most optimistic answer is 'No'. Financial uncertainty, weak currency, fewer jobs and high inflation rate will prevail over the year. However, towards the later part of the year we may see strengthening of dollar, provided the banking reforms are enforced, trade deficits are delt with and stimulus is gradually withdrawn. This will cool off prices leading to a big consolidation movement in the markets, in which small players may get squeezed out of the system.

Unperturbed, Shrek and Donkey are running ahead over the rubbles of world economy in quest to rescue 'Fiona'. Overnight, the ass has turned into self professed guru and braying principles of A - class management and business. It has to be seen, if they all end up in the swamp as in the reel. But for now, cushioned by time and money, Donkey is enjoying every pat, clap or slap on it's folly and walking tall on the bottom line in Davos.

"Jab Allah meharban, to gadha pahelwan."

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