Friday, July 24, 2009

Mutiny in the Hive

Shrinking world economy triggers rampant job and expenditure cuts, which in turn result in healthier corporate balance sheets in spite of falling revenues. At the same time, Dr. Ben injects the required life support liquid into the system.

We are under severe spell of Market anomaly called El Nanke. Economics is being re-written in bid to overlook uncomfortable truths and to sleep with the devil. A pseudo environment is being loaded onto the simulators at the dark boardrooms where Ben's mint program is on test run.

Yes, I am referring to 'dollar' the devil.

Human hive is witnessing radical changes as worker sucker bees have grown bigger in size and with vanishing resources, it has progressively become difficult for the drone economies to support themselves. Lately, the worker bee's appetite is posing a possible threat to the queen. To thwart a mutiny in the hive, queen is releasing more of its green saliva, but this thinning liquid is losing its binding and sticking property. Lets see how long can the queen bee endure and hold the hive together in the same old caste regime.

If she does, it will be Ben's personal victory and he would be known as the economist of the modern era.

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