Friday, June 06, 2008

Slippery ahead! But no left turn, please.

Full of action was this whole week. Government, finally, succumbing to the red alert sounded by the Oil PSU's and passing some of the oil shock to the consumers. It was like me telling my son the other day to control his puke till we reached home. The poor guy held till seconds away from the destination, after which his endurance, patience and bravado spilled over the car seat and carpet. He had guilt written all over his face and tears flowing down his cheeks. I rapped myself for not letting him offload the stuff earlier. Well, Manmohan Singh should be doing the double role for holding the fuel prices so long.

The aftermath of the act was as anticipated. The opposition is doing what was expected of them but once again disappointing is the Left front. They have enjoyed the central pie for five years without sharing the woes and pains of being the incumbent. Their ideology, if they have one, has gone for six during this period. I would not call them hollow but they are the hollowness of the hollow. (Ki hollo?).

Out of the hell, lets get into the well again. Oil roller coaster scream machine was at its best this week. Steep fall and then oil closing with a sharp pull back on the world environment day. And IEA, the energy watchdog, called for USD45 Trillion in green ransom to get us back the safe custody of our good old environment.

Are we gonnna see death of oil on account of oil?

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