Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Silence is the best policy

Under dogs are barking their throat out but The Lion chooses not to join the chorus. Cause he knows one roar may lift the sagging oil market, which is not good for his health at the moment with other problems looming large.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year All!

Lets wake up.

Little man from Earth in its pursuit of XL lifestyle has forgotten that the universe has limited breathing space. Intoxicated with power of technology and equipped with monstrous machines, which are fast creating Omni directional living and moving space for him but eating out his most vital breathing space, man is blissfully ignoring the doom and busy building his own celestial grave.

Politicians across the world are boasting their achievements on high economy growth rates. Masses are with them rejoicing the newly acquired wealth and life of ease and sleaze. All are enjoying the intoxication stage of this asphyxia process.

Nazis constructed gas chambers, an inexpensive way to eliminate Jews from the face of the world but man kind survived with defeat and death of Hitler. There is no Hitler this time but there will be one open air gas chamber with no survivours...

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