Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hydrogen seeks divorce

Singularity has once again come to the rescue of humanity as hydrogen breaks free from carbon and oxygen to yield clean energy in it's stag form.

Our present system, which is unfortunately highly inefficient and energy consuming, has put a question mark on survival of the mankind because of it's dependence on diminishing and polluting energy resources. Man is now desperately searching for alternate resources of clean renewable energy. Most unpublicised out of them is hydrogen. Though the process to separate this active element is energy consuming, but with development of nano technology for solar panelling and fuel cells, which use hydrogen to generate electricity, it looks a reality more than just a pipe dream that we may finally be able to harness inexhaustible sources of clean energy such as sun and wind.

It is believed that in coming years, hydrogen will quickly replace hydrocarbons as the major source of energy after the development of required infrastructure and distribution system. However, oil prices are holding the key at the moment. But just an eventuality, it would be.

Notwithstanding, the advent of this clean resource and India's absolute dependence on imported crude, India's current obsession with the petroleum refineries is something beyond my comprehension. We need to invest in and develop alternate resources as a line of defence against any shock and awe attack by OPEC.

Whatever, it is rather strange and comical that man has gotten himself in a very complex and complicated system to fulfil his basic needs. It is like doing day long absurd routine of acrobatics just to pick a fallen apple from the ground in the end.


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