Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mother Earth Do have 'em

"If you believe all the garbage you've been reading, seeing and hearing lately about global warming, then you probably still believe the Earth is flat. As for me, I'll keep on driving my 4-litre Falcon, use as much water and electricity as I want, take as many airline flights as I please, and keep the woodburner well stoked throughout the winter." - Garth George

Garth is not alone in this world to have such high priorities in life, he shares his great expectations with seven billion people living in their own utopia. Among these seven billion homosapeans a good number can reason out the demise of resources and imbalance of nature and climate due to fast increasing (faster than the nature could handle) use of energy and material, but they would still persist with their quest for comfort as they do not want to dwell in the future and want to make the best of today.

Garth doesn't need to bother till the time he is getting water in his taps, gas stations do not put "NO GAS" board, electric wires are live and charged. For the time being he can blissfully beat the heat and live in his cool paradise. But as the taps go dry, gas stations run outta gas and electric wires turn into dead barn ropes, he will start feeling the heat and come out of fool's paradise.


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